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Welcome to GAN Girls, a beautiful and mesmerizing AI-generated NFT collection on the Solana blockchain. Made by ArtSpark.

Presale is over! New mint date coming soon.

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This is just the beginning of our journey of bringing the power of generative AI to the NFT world. We plan to release many more AI-generated collections — and your GAN girl will serve as a mint pass to all of them. Once in the gang, always in the gang!

Our mindset is product-first. In addition to more art, we have many more exciting features we plan to release once the mint sells out. Stay tuned!

The GAN Girls

Never satisfied with the status quo. Pushing the boundaries of art and technology. Mesmerizing, enchanting and brilliant. These traits embody GAN girls and the ones who collect them.

GANs (Generative Adversarial Network) are a type of AI that consist of two neural networks. The "artist" network tries to generate realistic outputs. The "critic" network then tries to distinguish real from fake. After dueling for thousands of iterations, the "artist" learns to generate an infinite space of possible art outputs.


GAN Girls is part of the ArtSpark project. We believe AI has the potential to amplify human creativity. Our goal is to build products that bring together the power of generative AI and NFTs.


Generating fun.
Lighting creative fires.


Growth strategist.
Fanning flames of the future.

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